Aim Performance Training is an innovative, individualized approach to personal training, nutrition and wellness. With a holistic approach, we ensure that each individual has the tools and resources necessary to achieve all of their personal health and fitness goals.
Alex min


Owner, Registered Nurse Certified: NCAA, AFTA, TRX, ATI Nutrition
Alex is Registered Nurse (RN) with an emphasis on holistic and alternative medicine.  A master strength & conditioning coach with an assortment of certifications in the exercise science field, Alex uses his knowledge and practical experience to lead his team of trainers and assisting them in achieving their client’s wellness goals.
Tim min


Co-Owner, Strength & Conditioning Coach, BS Exercise Science 
Tim has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Bowling Green State University. He was previously strength and conditioning intern coach at the University of Findlay and a former assistant director of personal training at LA Fitness, also a former training assistant at Athletic Republic of Toledo. Tim has extensive experience working with a variety of clients with differing wellness goals.
Pat min


Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, BS Exercise Science, Certified: ACSM 
Pat is a former collegiate football and rugby athlete with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Bowling Green State University. As an intern assistant coach at the University of Findlay, Pat assisted the faculty with programming for football, basketball, and volleyball. With Performance Central, Pat worked with travel teams and high school teams & athletes from the Cleveland Area.
Hallie min


Trainer, Boot Camp Instructor, Certified: Yoga Instructor, TRX, CPT
Hallie has joined the AIM team as a personal trainer, boot camp instructor, and a yoga instructor.   She is a long time sport and fitness enthusiast with a background in exercise science, yoga and strength conditioning. She has chosen to further her knowledge and is currently working towards her Master’s Degree in Exercise Science at Cleveland State University.
Jess min

Jessie Anderson

CDR Registered & Licensed Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, Certified: ACSM
Jessica is a former member of the Miami University Collegiate Varsity Synchronized Skating team and a past representative of Team USA, Jessica earned her Bachelors of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics, Kinesiology and Health Promotion. Jessica also received her Masters of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology and a Certificate in Obesity & Weight Management from the University of Georgia.
Johnath min

Jonathan Church

Trainer, Assistant MMA Coach Certified: Action CPT 
Jonathan has a passion to coach and help motivate young athletes and people that are trying to get into shape and better their lives. Growing up Jonathan had a strong interest in boxing and wrestling. P
articipating in these sports from a young age lead Jonathan to develop a passion for mixed martial arts in which he now competes as an AIM Performance combat athlete.
Julius min


Trainer, Group Instructor, Certified: ACE, Crossfit Level 1  
Julius is a US Army veteran who served with the 2-14 2nd Brigade 10th Mountain Division, based out of Fort Drum, New York. Julius’ experience as a coach started in the military as he learned to train groups of combat specialists to prepare for operations overseas. He specializes in weight loss, aesthetics, group training, boxing and general fitness. Julius enjoys recreational motor sports, photography, and modeling.
Eric cooper


Head MMA Coach
Hapkido Black Belt, BJJ Purple Belt

Eric is the Head MMA instructor.
Eric earned his black belt in Hapkido under masters Jerry Davis & Wade Newell.
 Hapkido is a Korean martial art combining the grappling and joint locks of Aikido and striking from other well-known martial arts. Eric has also earned his Brazilian Jujitsu purple belt under Professor Neto Gomes and has 15 years of Kickboxing/MMA experience.